Thursday, 27 October 2011

Its fine.

My hair isn't thick, its not exactly what I would call thin either. I really find it annoying when people with thick hair complain about it all the time, it takes so long to style...bla bla bla. You love it really, would you want thin hair? No, so shut up. My friend the other day said my hair was thin and I almost killed her. She has a lions mane of blonde curls, everybody knows that curls=thick hair. If your hair is curly it looks thicker and most likely is thicker anyway because of the texture. My hair is poker straight and baby soft so never has volume (naturally, I back comb alot) I have no problem with this and I don't wish I had thicker hair she just really pissed me off. Why spend so long moaning about how you hate your thick hair and then tell me I cant do anything with mine because it's too thin. Its not thin and actually I don't care I like my hair. I feel like people with thick hair look down on people with thinner hair, it's like hairism. Get over it your hair is not all that!

End of rant, I feel better.