Thursday, 22 September 2011

What I did #2

It's my last day at work before going on holiday today and I couldn't be happier, I hate my boss so much. He encapsulates all of the qualities in a human being that I hate. He's unorganised, rude, bossy, snobby, vague, patronising, annoying and self centred. He loves listening to himself talk and will talk over you when he gets bored with what you're saying, he constantly babbles on about his wife and kids to me and then as soon as I open my mouth he says "I'm too busy for this now sorry" Oh but when you were talking about you for half an hour that was fine! He is shocked that I'm using a student loan to pay my tuition because his parents paid for everything for him and he pays for everything for his 2 kids. His 1 and a half year old takes music lessons, please tell me the point of that he can't even speak yet. He gives me the most vague instructions and then when I do things wrong he's all "that's not what I said" and I just sigh and try not to kill him. I'm praying this last hour goes fast so I can just get paid and get out.

I'm starting to panic that my Uni timetable hasn't been published yet, I wish they would hurry up with it I want to know what days I'm doing! I also had a little talk with a good friend about my problems with my boyfriend's family today, she said I'm better off to just keep quiet and let it go because it will just never end, the person you really don't want to fall out with is your boyfriend's mum. I'll try to keep my mouth shut but I'm not promising anything!

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