Monday, 12 March 2012

Late Update

Oops. So much for a fresh start.
The truth is I always have alot to write about I just never have the time. I'm constantly publishing short snippets of my life on twitter so why is it so much effort to take half an hour and write a potst? After all I.m not expecting anyone to find this blog amusing or interesting, its just my life.
I have moved house since my last post, I now live in a beautiful village in East Hertfordshire, but my Uni is still in west London. Big problem! Driving 25 miles there and 25 miles back is killing me! However at the moment I feel more than commited to my course (literature) I am so in love with it and cannot believe I've only got a year left until its all over. After that its PGCE though so I can teach, haven't decided on primary or secondary yet though I am leaning towards secondary.
The problems with my boyfriends family are pretty much the same, except now he knows. I can't change who I am but I can't really expect the, to change either so as long as things arent too serious (no engagement rings or house keys yet sob) then they dont really have any control over my life, although I'm sure they would like to!
Currently I am patiently waiting for my student loan at the beginning of April so I can go to Lakeside and raid Zara and their amazing refurbished Topshop!
I would imagine now that Im preparing for exams and trying to read a million books posts from me will be pretty rare but it might help me to vent some of my 'issues' with
Ife in general, I dont moan all the time promise!

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