Tuesday, 20 March 2012

You do something to me (Topshop)

Trying very very hard to resist the urge to go to Topshop today!
I'm already in my overdraft and loan day is at the beginning of April I think. I have some returns so I know I wont be able to resist purchasing more, its not real money when its returns right?
Just got a few essays back from marking and pleasantly surprised at how well I'm doing (not bragging, promise) considering I'm not putting in half the effort I should be. The problem with doing a reading based course, like my Literature course, is that by the time youre half way through one book its time to start another and I never manage to do all the reading I should. Most of the time essays are about 2 books and I only manage to read 1, if 4 essays are due at once 4 books seems alot more manageable than 8!
I've promised myself that over the summer I'm going to try and get the whole reading list for my final year (eeeek!) done so it wont be as overwhelming during the year to quickly re-read.
The woes of university are almost over for me, 2nd year has a few weeks left then its a long summer of hopefully getting a summer job and having a few holidays, lat year I found it so difficult to get a summer job! I signed up to loads of agencies for temp work, I tried in all the pubs and retail shops near me - nothing! Hopefully I will have more luck this year what with living in a new area.
If not my boyfriend said he will help me out with money, it sounds spoilt but he cant go on holiday and for nice dinners alone can he?


Rachel P said...

In the exact same situation as you trying to find a job or internship for the long summer to fill in the gap between 2nd and 3rd year- so competitive! xx


Rose. said...

I alsways have to resist going into topshop!